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AERIS from Legacy Audio is a speaker system whose striking looks are matched only by its performance capabilities. This 4.5 way system is the first to use the Legacy Dual Air Motion Tweeter (an advanced AMT design) and features open air dipole midrange, dual subwoofers with internal bass amplification, room correction and craftsmanship display options.


AERIS is the first to use the Legacy Dual Air Motion Tweeter (an advanced AMT design) with high power handling and high efficiency, and a titanium encrusted 8” midrange with an enormous motor structure imported from Italy. The bottom end is highlighted by a 10” midbass and dual 12” subwoofers. The dual 12" woofers of the Aeris deliver unprecedented linear output with snap and definition with rich upper bass and clean transition to the lower midrange owing to a 15 lb motor structure.

The bass section is powered by 1,000 watts of included ICEpower® amplification and offers exceptional extension to 18Hz. The included 24-bit DSP Wavelaunch room correction features balanced analog inputs and outputs for optimizing performance. The upper portion of the speaker cabinet is open air dipole for fast decay of mid-bass frequencies and airy spacious highs. The elegant design employs a 2.25” thick baffle with 2” side walls. LED Crossover Illumination within the upper portion of the cabinet reveals the intricately wired crossover design.

AERIS utilizes radiation control via the hybrid dipolar cabinet. Side-wall radiation is greatly reduced while DSP is employed to divide, align, and contour the response. The user needs to supply two channels of amplification and the Wavelaunch processor allows easy gain matching via its output level controls. Room response deviations can be reduced dramatically with the 8 bands of parametric EQ provided on each of the 4 inputs and 8 outputs of the included Wavelaunch processor. Aeris can also be upgraded with the award winning Wavelet processor for the higest level of performance and even more control.

2022 The Absolute Sound Editors' Choice Award Winner

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Recommended Product of The Year Award Winner
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The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award
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Legacy Dual AMT

Chief Designer, Bill Dudleston, describes the development of the new AERIS loudspeaker: “…it gave me the opportunity to tool a new AMT folded ribbon tweeter to integrate with the smoothest, high efficiency 8” midrange built to date. I have yet to find a driver to challenge it. This silky 8” mid has a range of 7 octaves with nary a wrinkle in the response, yet a sensitivity of 98 dB. My initiative of providing a 4” AMT that could complement these capabilities was met with the challenge of accordion-folding 16 square inches of Kapton into the 4” long, 1” wide chamber. Neodymium again was employed to provide the flux density required. But the solution was made even more elegant by mounting the new 4” ribbon on the same faceplate as its complementary 1” AMT ribbon super-tweeter. The results were more uniform dispersion and tremendous attack. Treble now had weight instead of tizz. A natural fullness in the treble is exhibited, reminding us why we love high-end audio so much.”

Aeris Internal Crossover

Featuring silver HF wiring, Clarity capacitors, and OFC point to point wiring with star ground configuration, the upper section crossover is concealed within the Aeris body. The crossover can be illuminated, with the On/Off switch, in your choice of lighting, to show off the intricate crossover. The dual 12" subwoofers are actively crossed over and time aligned by the included Legacy Wavelaunch or Wavelet processor.


DSP based bi-amped hybrid dipole
System Type:
6 driver, 4.5 way
Dual Air Motion Tweeter System- 1" AMT super tweeter & 4" AMT tweeter
8" titanium encrusted, accordion edge with 6 lb magnetic structure
10" accordion edge with 10 lb magnetic structure
Dual 12" ultra-linear bass drivers with 15 lb motor
Passive Radiator:
10" Mass loaded pneumatic
Low Frequency Alignment:
Hybrid Cardioid, dual rear ported
1 Pair binding posts for Upper range, 1 XLR balanced for Bass
Internal Amplification:
Dual 500w ICEpower amplifiers
Recommended Amplification:
1 External channel of 15-500w required. Bass section is driven with 1000w of internal power
Freq. Response (Hz, +/-2dB):
18-30k, includes 24 bit processor
4 Ohm/ 10k amp Input
95.4 dB (2.83V@1m)
Crossover (Hz):
80, 2.8k, 8k
Cabinet Dimensions HxWxD (inches):
Upper Cabinet: 58 x 14.5 x 16 Base: 1 x 19 x 17.5
182 lbs each
Shipping Weight:
301 lbs each

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