The Music Room is the go-to source for the very best in new, used and vintage home audio products. Founded on a shoestring budget in 2011 by Joshua and Melissa Jackson, The Music Room is now the largest online retailer of pre-owned HiFi equipment in the world.  Headquartered in beautiful Erie Colorado, The Music Room is a team of 25 strong (and growing) music lovers - all dedicated to one singular mission: delivering the very best online shopping experience in the audio industry - period. We specialize in well-cared for, previously used gear because that is what we are passionate about. We feel that there is nothing more fulfilling than creating a high-performance system on a budget with carefully selected used components, speakers and cables.

Over the past 9 years, Joshua Jackson and his hard-working staff have shipped over 35,000 pieces of gear to satisfied customers all over the world. That's 40,000 items tested, cleaned, photographed, listed and shipped. That’s 40,000 audiophiles who have provided valuable feedback about what’s important to them when they buy used gear online. If all that of that feedback could be boiled down to one word that encapsulates our approach to customer service it would be “trust”. We are very proud of the trust that we've earned over the years of serving such a vibrant community of audio enthusiasts.

Our inventory changes daily - generally about 175-200 products per week are listed for sale. These products are acquired primarily from dealers, installers, manufacturers and private collectors. Everything is fully tested, cleaned and function verified before being made available for sale. Our stellar reputation and world-class online feedback ratings have been earned through careful attention to detail throughout the entire process. This includes our “best in class” packaging process, our 14 day satisfaction guaranteed return policy, and a 45 day warranty. Unlike a “typical” online used sale, our job doesn’t end with shipment of the product. We have a staff of knowledgeable sales people and technicians who are here to assist our customers after the sale - whether they need technical support, upgrade advice or assistance liquidating the gear they just replaced.

Our doors are open to sellers across the United States that are looking for a fair, risk-free, no-hassle way to liquidate their used gear. With just a few easy steps, a seller can have cash in the bank for their next purchase, and we will do all of the work to find a good home for the previously used gear. Because of our high-volume / low-margin approach, we are able to pay a fair rate for used gear - well above what most folks would consider to be a “wholesale” price. Logistics is our specialty, and we can generally handle 100% of the packaging and shipping regardless of your location.

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Our Team:

Joshua Jackson, Founder; CEO

Melissa Jackson, Owner; Controller



Terry Koslek - Sales Manager - Contact Terry

Nick Lucini, Sales Associate / Buyer - Contact Nick

Ben Klenk, Sales Associate / Buyer - Contact Ben

Mario Alonzo, Sales Associate / Buyer Contact Mario

Ryan Tarasen, Sales Associate / Buyer  - Contact Ryan

Michael Horne, Sales Associate / Buyer  - Contact Michael



Shankar Rathnam, Chief Operations Officer

Kevin Painter, Chief Finance Officer

Karen Nulsen, Administrator

Heather Crouch, Accounts Payable

Stacey DiBiccaro, Accounts Payable



Peter Glenn, Technical Manager; Customer Service

Lauren Hawkins, Customer Experience Manager

Adrienne Brown, Customer Support

Nicole Turner, Customer Support

Vicki Hillard, Customer Support



Michael Lowe, Appraisal Supervisor/Content Specialist 

Erik Zinna, Appraisals/Content Specialist

Ryan McFarlin, Appraisals

Jerry Kall, Consignment Specialist 



Andrew Conant, Receiving Specialist

Joshua Nadler, Inventory Supervisor 

Dan Delellis, Production Manager

Jeffrey Young, Photographer

Brandon Cranford, Photography Editor

Keith Slack, Lead Photographer

Wes Robinson, Photographer

Derek Munthe, Photographer

Jason Masters, Repair Technician

Ben Scambos, Lead Technician

Ford Paradise, Product Technician

Tekoa Williams, Product Technician 

Aarron Alpert, Product Technician

David Monteagudo, Product Technician



Jim Bradley, Chief Technology Officer

Eric Wernert, Developer 

Sage Garrett, Developer

Albert Florez, Analyst



Tucker Hammer, Lead Packing & Shipping Specialist

Bret Martin, Packing & Shipping Specialist



Matt Hessler, Head of Marketing 

Larson Baird, Marketing Coordinator



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