The Music Room began in 2011 as a small family business operating out of the family single-car garage. In 2019, we hired our 25th employee, and we were honored with placement in the Inc 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in America. Growth has been a way of life at The Music Room since the very beginning, and with a major expansion planned for Spring 2020 (200% warehouse space increase), we aren’t expecting to slow down anytime soon. As a team, we are a group of passionate music-lovers working hard to maintain our claim as the largest and most trusted online retailer of used HiFi on the planet.


What is it like to work at The Music Room?

The obvious part of the answer is that it is an audiophile’s dream come true. We test and photograph 30-40 pieces of high-end audio gear every day. You’ll see modern favorites from manufacturers like PS Audio, Hegel, and Focal. You'll also audition rare, vintage pieces from legendary brands like McIntosh and Audio Research. We truly get to see and hear it all. 

What is less obvious about what it’s like to work at TMR is that we operate more like a fast-paced, disruptive, online startup than some old-school HiFi retailer. Every employee is tasked with not just doing their jobs but reinventing their jobs when and where they can. We thrive on innovation and are constantly looking for ways to do things faster, more efficiently and in ways that earn the trust of our customers around the world - with the ultimate goal of offering the best shopping experience in the industry, period.  


TMR's Core Values:

It's not enough to be "capable" of doing the job. We are looking for people that are going to share our values and fit in with the team and the unique culture that we've worked so hard to build. Before contacting us for any position, please read the following carefully and ask yourself whether you truly share these core values:

Process - We value Processes because solid processes allow us to get the details right more often. Details are important to our customers, and efficiency is critical to a healthy bottom line. We need people that help us create and maintain standard operating procedures that support efficiency and execution of the details.

Teamwork - Teamwork is essential to healthy growth. We want our customers to experience a tight, well-rehearsed, error-free, harmonious and rhythmic “performance” with every transaction. This requires clear communication, humility ("we" not "l"), positivity, emotional intelligence and role-players that are never too big for a job of any size.

Hustle - A fast-paced, energetic work environment is part of our lifeblood. It's what keeps our competitors "safely in our dust." Our most valuable team members are able to work autonomously while maintaining a sense of urgency, and they show "grit" when the workload increases.

Innovation - Innovation is in our DNA. We are NOT a "cover-band." We are trailblazers. Disrupters. Industry outsiders. There is no roadmap for where we're going, so we adapt and overcome new challenges along the way. Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities. We embrace technology and thrive on solving problems with a youthful mindset and entrepreneurial spirit. We are not just running a business here. We are building one.

Passion - Underlying all of these values is a sense of passion, and this passion must come from within each individual. Motivation and a commitment to excellence will never be explicitly asked of you but is always expected. Music is our ultimate passion, and we are driven to give life to music through a genuine love and care for the work in front of us.