shop used audio equipment with confidence with certified pre-owned audio

Shop Used Audio Equipment With Confidence

Shopping the used market can be a great way to get more for your money as you endeavor to build the HiFi system of your dreams. The problem we all face is that many times used gear delivers more headaches than it does value. The Music Room began with a mission of putting the joy of music back into the buying and selling of pre-owned audio. Now in our 10th year, we have become the largest and most trusted name in pre-owned HiFi.

TMR is proud to offer the industry’s first satisfaction-guaranteed, Certified Pre-Owned Program. Now you can buy used HiFi gear with a full return policy and warranty on all TMR Certified Pre-owned products.

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Why TMR can do this and others can’t

There are many great marketplaces for used gear - from HiFi forums and audio-centric sites like Audiogon - to broad marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist. These marketplaces offer a wide range of inventory that is supplied by hundreds or even thousands of individual sellers. The quality of your shopping experience can vary widely - depending on the integrity and competence of each individual seller who may or may not have any experience in the critical aspects of quality control, shipping or customer service.

TMR buys and consigns over 1,000 pieces of gear each month. We then painstakingly, test, clean, photograph, and package each certified item so that our customers can buy with confidence - knowing the item will arrive safely and promptly. Most importantly, our customers don’t rely on a “feedback system” to increase their odds of a successful transaction. We work with our customers before and after the sale to guarantee 100% satisfaction with every transaction.

Marantz Home Audio Receiver
McIntosh Tube Amplifier

Testing and Inspection

  • Testing, cleaning and reconditioning
    • Testing of all inputs and outputs
    • Testing of all controls for noise
    • Physical examination of drivers
    • Inspection of belts, rollers or other degradable moving parts
    • Audiophile listening test
    • As required : De-oxidizing / re-soldering / re-gluing
    • Accessory Procurement (remotes etc)
  • Cleaning / re-finishing / polishing
  • Inspect and Authenticate: Is it the correct model (nuances like MKIII or Special editions) and what features or options is it equipped with?
  • Document the provenance: How many owners has it had and what service or upgrades have been done. Service records are maintained when possible. When unavailable, upgrades or modifications are identified visually.

Pre-owned HiFi gear can be a great value, but that does not mean that it is “cheap.” We fully test every certified piece of gear to ensure that you are getting maximum musical value when you shop with TMR.

McIntosh Tube Amplifier


  • We have a team of full-time photographers that clean and photograph every certified pre-owned product.
  • TMR uses professional lighting and macro lenses to reveal even the slightest cosmetic imperfections on each and every component and speaker.
  • Our photography team then meticulously wraps and packs the gear and accessories for a factory-fresh feeling when you receive your item.

With the TMR Photo Guarantee, you can be sure that the item you see in the listing is the exact item you will receive, and that there will never be any surprises when you receive it.

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packaging audiophile grade used audio equipment

Pack & Ship

  • Items with original factory packaging are packed according to manufacturer specs, and then double-boxed with an extra layer of protection between the two boxes to ensure safe delivery and preservation of the original packaging.
  • For items without factory packaging we will create a custom foam-injection-molded box that provides re-usable packaging as good or better than the original - adding value to the eventual resale of your purchase.
  • Large, heavy or extremely valuable items are palletized and shipped with a freight carrier. This guarantees the item will remain upright throughout delivery and always be moved by hand.

With the TMR Pack & Ship Guarantee, you will never have to worry about your “precious cargo” arriving damaged. In the extremely rare event of a lost or damaged package, TMR stands behind the full value of your purchase to guarantee your satisfaction.

packaging audiophile grade used audio equipment

TMR CPO allows you to buy with confidence

  • You will get the exact make / model / sub-model you paid for
  • Every item fully tested and quality-assured
  • It will show up professionally packed looking exactly as it did in photos.
  • Satisfaction guarantee - 14-day return for any reason
  • Warranty policy - 45 days on all CPO and up to 90 on select items.
TMR Certified Pre-Owned Audio Equipment