Legacy Audio Classic HD Floorstanding Speakers; Pair

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Classic HD

Classic HD is designed from the ground up to deliver amazing sound. Great as a front pair in home theater applications; exacting enough for the most critical audiophile. Highs are sweet and clear, vocals are natural and effortless-free of the thin, compressed nasality so common today. Midbass has punch, and bass is solid and well defined.


Bi-Amp/Bi-Wire Capable

The rear terminal plate of the Classic HD features removable copper jumpers to facilitate bi-amping or bi-wiring if desired. The dual binding posts accommodate banana, spade or bare wire connections.

Independent high and low frequency contour switches allow you to adjust the speaker to your room.

The versatile Classic HD cabinetry is as rich and detailed as its sound. Choose from a wide variety of décor friendly finish options.

1" Dual Pole AMT

The Legacy 1” dual pole AMT folded ribbon delivers airy and clear highs up to 30 kHz and is the same award-winning Legacy AMT found in the larger Focus & Aeris floor-standing speakers.

Ultra-Smooth Midrange

The 7” midrange is our own cast frame design, providing a larger radiating surface for reduced distortion and much higher output capability. The diaphragm is our silver/graphite weave. Tucked under the precisely shaped phase plug is a secondary neodymium magnet which concentrates the magnetic field in the voice coil gap. The result is an ultra-smooth response with incredible dynamics.

8" Proprietary Woofer

To keep up with the speed of the midrange and treble, we required two custom 8” bass drivers. We tooled a deep and rugged cast frame with an extra-large mounting surface to allow long excursion and prevent midbass blurring. The cone mass was optimized to provide extended bass without overhang.

2020 Recommendation

Classic HD is the 2020 Recommendation from Polish High End Reviewer, HiFi I Muzyka. “Powerful magnetic systems, cast baskets with wide flanges, bolted with large bolts, are an example of the solidity in American construction.”

“Legacy creates a musical reality in an extremely realistic way, and all the key elements that make up the sound associated with high end- space, dynamics, arrangement of depth in the sound field- are at the highest level here.”


Efficient, wide range tower, with high SPL capability
System Type:
4 driver, 3 way
1" dual pole AMT ribbon
7" Silver Graphite, cast frame, phase compensation
Dual 8" Silver Graphite, woven diaphragm, cast basket, phase compensation plug
Low Frequency Alignment:
B6 Assisted, dual rear ported
2 pair binding post for Treble and Bass
Recommended Amplification:
15-300 watts
Freq. Response (Hz, +/-2dB):
4 Ohm
Sensitivity (Room, dB@ 2.83V):
94 dB
450, 3.5K
Dimensions (HxWxD, inches):
44 x 10.75 x 13
84 lbs each
Shipping Weight:
122 lbs each

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