The World's First "Headache-Free" Consignment Program That Actually Works!

A headache-free consignment program by the world’s largest online retailer of pre-owned HiFi (for qualified products at the sole discretion of TMR)

Are you thinking of selling your pre-owned HiFi gear on your own? Consider this: You could spend weeks - sometimes even months selling one piece of gear - there’s cleaning, testing, photographing, packaging, appraising, listing, answering questions, fielding offers, and finally shipping it off and hoping that it is delivered to an honest person in one piece. The potential hassles that come after the sale can consume just as much time. We want to offer you a safe, headache-free alternative - a hassle-free consignment program that actually works.

  • Industry-low rates with no hidden fees
  • Leverage our world-class reputation and get exposure in multiple sales venues - putting your product in front of over 890k monthly shoppers.
  • We have Logistical support available. We know how to get your gear here safely.

Our program is Safe, Secure, Fast, Fair, Hassle-Free and Highly Effective. Here's why:

Shipping Expertise: We will get your item here safely and conveniently. We will cover shipping costs in most cases. We have a full-time logistics expert on staff to assist with any packaging or shipping questions.

Quality Assurance: We will clean, test and quality assure your product. We want to present your product in the best possible light and ensure that when it sells, the next owner will be satisfied. It is our reputation for quality and integrity that allows us to command above-average sales prices for your equipment.

Professional Photography: We will take detailed, professional photographs of your items and use professional camera equipment, lighting and editing tools to present each product accurately and maximize appeal.

Proprietary, Expert Appraisal: We will appraise your item using our proprietary database of over 2 million representative sales values combined with all of the best-in-class research tools and bluebooks. Our decades of experience in appraising used gear will give you the best chance of selling your item quickly at or above the going “market rate." Read more about our Appraisal Process.

Custom Editorial Content & Description: We will research your product and create a custom description with detailed product information, history, relevant reviews and manufacturer specifications.

Unparalleled Global Exposure & Reputation: We will post your product on where it can be seen by over 90,000 visitors monthly. Our listings receive an additional 700k views monthly in marketplaces like eBay and Audiogon where we maintain 100% feedback ratings. We also market on google and major social media platforms.

Expert Sales Support: Our expert staff will field any technical or product questions that arise from prospective buyers and make every attempt to find a qualified buyer. Our sales people are not on commission and aren’t incentivized to recommend one product over another. We will always recommend the products that best fit our customers’ needs.

Weekly Price Adjustments: We will adjust the price on a weekly basis so that it does not get stale. Average turnaround time from listing to sale is 4-8 weeks. During that time, we will field offers and handle negotiations to get the best price for your item. We will even handle complex trade offers which is one of our most powerful selling tools.

Post-Sale Support: We will stand behind the sale with a full return policy and 45 day warranty. Our customer support team will answer any technical support questions that arise after the sale.

Still not sure our consignment program is right for you? Read some testimonials from a few of our satisfied customers: 

"The crew at TMR are my heroes. They’re honest to a fault, have always gotten us the best pricing, offered a high level of professionalism and made sure PS Audio customers were respected. I would not hesitate to recommend TMR as a great dealer and perfect to handle consignments."  - Paul McGowan, CEO, PS Audio

There are several consignment operations that I've used over the years. The most recent one I've had experience with is "The Music Room," who are located near Denver. The whole experience was easy. I emailed them a list of stuff for sale with what I expected it to sell for. We arranged a pick-up time. They picked up the stuff. About a month later the first piece sold. Subsequently, over the course of the next six months, I received updates with deposits to my Paypal account as the items sold. Did I receive as much as I would have from direct sales? No. Was it much less time consuming? Oh, yes. For the commission (which can vary depending on the component's cost and age) I felt that I got my money's worth in time saved and aggravation avoided.  -  Steven Stone,

“I highly recommend utilizing TMR Audio’s consignment program for your high-end gear. I have used them for the past 4 years, and they have never disappointed. In some cases, they’ve even helped handled logistics on items that I thought would be impossible to ship."  - Jim Warren, San Diego CA

“The first time I sent a $6000 component to The Music Room to consign, I was a little apprehensive. Will they get me a fair price? Will I get paid on time? Will they sneak in some hidden fees or costs? Just 3 weeks later, I had a check in my hand for much MORE than I anticipated. These guys do all the legwork and exceed expectations every time. I haven’t touched my eBay or Audiogon accounts in over 18 months now. So much easier and usually just as much money in my pocket as selling on my own."  - Joseph García, Dallas TX