How do we know what it's worth?

Appraising used audio equipment is both a science and an art-form. After researching and appraising hundreds of thousands of speakers and components - from vintage classics to modern, state-of-the-art masterpieces, we have some of the best audio appraisers in the world on staff. Whenever we make an offer for your used equipment, you can rest assured that our appraisal team has done their due diligence so that they can provide you with the most generous offer possible. Our appraisal team is tasked with reviewing historical sales data, analyzing sales trends and projecting future market values. They also have to take into account the history of your product, product category, modifications or upgrades, known reliability issues, optional features and cosmetic condition.

We review all of the standard sources such as the Audiogon Bluebook and completed eBay listings. However, we don't stop there... we also do a deep dive into our own database of sales history that we've built while appraising hundreds of thousands of items over the years.

In addition to our proprietary research database, we've also have a strategic partnership with well-known online sales venue that provides us with access to much richer sales data than what is available to the general public. All of this intelligence is rounded out with costly but effective market research tools that allows us to search and analyze 3 years of global eBay sales history.

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