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Gold Note PH-1000 MM/MC Phono Stage

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Gold Note PH-1000 MM/MC Phono Stage

PH-1000 is a premium phono stage which offers exclusive and unique features including a large variety of Equalization Curves, Loads, Capacitance and Gain ultra-fine adjustments, designed to complete top quality turntable audio systems achieving the pinnacle of audio performance. You can connect up to three different cartridges (MC or MM) simultaneously making PH-1000 an extremely versatile phono stage and a trustworthy staple in any real High-End analogue set-up. PH-1000 is completed by a stylish Italian industrial design and easy handling via remote control or through the rotary knob on the front panel. All settings are always graphically displayed on a practical TFT color monitor.

MM/MC Phono Stage with 2 RCA and 1 XLR inputs, RCA and XLR outputs, 20 EQ curves, manually adjustable EQ curves, and adjustable load/capacitance.

Dimensions: 430mm W x 135mm H x 375mm D


The PH-1000 is a premium phono stage that offers limitless features including unlimited modifiable Equalization Curves, presets of Loads, Capacitance and GAIN ultra-fine adjustments. The PH-1000 can match MM and MC cartridges and it is designed to take top quality turntables to the pinnacle of their audio performances.

Featuring an extremely user friendly interface, the PH-1000 is an innovative and intuitive phono stage. All options are easily selectable with the remote control or directly from the front panel Single Knob Control (SKG) rotary knob while the large 3.5’’ color display shows all selectable functions. Powered by a custom Gold Note firmware loaded on a micro SD Card, updating operations are easily done on
a PC when needed. All functions can be adjusted in real time while music is playing, allowing you to find the best setting for any records you are listening to.

The PH-1000 is a fully analogue unit designed to preserve at its best the audio signal purity. The Dual-Mono “Discrete Components Design” also guarantees absolute superiority over other digital solutions available. All selectable options are managed by High-End audio-grade analogue switches to shorten the audio signal path, taking the best sound out of any vinyl record.

The PH-1000 also integrates a High- End audio analogue preamplifier stage to connect the unit directly to a power amplifier like the Gold Note PA-1175 MkII, the powerful and compact PA-10 or even active speakers.

The PH-1000 features a convenient high- quality built-in headphone amplifier and three phono inputs: two RCA and one XLR, allowing astounding connectivity.

Featuring also swapping channel, Mono/ Stereo mode, a serial port and LAN/W-LAN connection, the PH-1000 is the absolute no compromise High-End audio phono stage solution that offers amazing flexibility for a truly new music experience.

To enhance the performance of the PH- 1000 even further, it can optionally be matched to the external super inductive power supply PSU-1250/1000 and the valve output stage TUBE-1012/1006.

Technical Specifications

PH-1000 Phono Stage Design with 6 output stages, made with discrete components
DIMENSIONS 430mm W, 135mm H, 375mm D
WEIGHT 26 lbs net weight
37lbs boxed
FINISHES Case: Brushed Aluminium in Black, Silver or Gold color
Inserts: Aluminium in Black, Silver or Gold color
AUDIO INPUTS 2 Stereo RCA unbalanced, 1 Stereo XLR balanced
AUDIO OUTPUTS 1 Stereo RCA (unbalanced) @ 1Volt
1 Stereo XLR (balanced) @ 4Volt
1 Output Stereo for TUBE-1006 & TUBE-1012 output stage (balanced GN) (optional upgrade)
INPUT IMPEDANCE 12 selectable options [100KΩ, 75KΩ, 47KΩ, 33KΩ, 22KΩ, 1KΩ, 470Ω, 220Ω, 100Ω, 47Ω, 22Ω,10Ω]
INPUT CAPACITY selectable MM: 100pF, 150pF, 220pF, 330pF, 470pF, 1000pF
SUBSONIC FILTER On/Off switchable
10Hz/36dB oct.
EQ CURVES 24 EQ Curves set-up [+ Enhanced Gold Note proprietary EQ curves] @ +/- 0.3dB max.
GAIN Gain in MM 40dB adjustable 34 to 49dB (50 to 280 times) in 6 steps
Gain in MC 65dB adjustable 59 to 74dB (890 to 5000 times) in 6 steps
MONO/STEREO adjustable
IR RECEIVER for remote control
WIFI optional
POWER SUPPLY Dual Mono linear power supply 115V; 60 Hz
Power consumption: 30W
PSU Input for special external power supply PSU-1000 & PSU-1250