Legacy Audio Silhouette Center Channel Speaker

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Silhouette Center

The perfect mate to the Silhouette mains, the elegantly styled Silhouette Center provides no compromise performance in an artful 5.125" deep on wall / in wall design. The profile appears even thinner due to the anti-diffractive contoured edges. The robust driver complement and special electrical network yield the optimum response at the listening position. The result is a speaker that does not sound like an on-wall with staging beyond the wall.

Pair the Silhouette Center with the Silhouette left and right mains to complete your system.

  • Zero footprint and solid cabinetry build
  • Deep soundstage
  • Excellent sound quality for music and movies
  • Gorgeous wood veneers with top quality construction.

On-wall speakers are often dynamically challenged, especially in the lower octaves. This isn't the case with the Legacy Silhouette Center. It provides top-to-bottom performance with plenty of slam. The three-way design features two 8" mass loaded radiators to lay the foundation supporting two high acceleration 7" silver/graphite midrange drivers. Treble remains clear and airy from the 4" Legacy AMT ribbon, boasting a high-temperature pleated Kapton diaphragm and neodymium motor.

The internal crossover divides the spectrum precisely where the wall boundary creates a strong dip in the response of conventional speakers. This compensation in the electrical network allows for the appropriate response at the listening position. The result is a speaker that does not sound like an on-wall with staging beyond the wall.

French cleat mounting brackets make for quick installation on the wall surface.

The Silhouette Center is also available as the streamline Silhouette Center Pro, for behind screen or in-wall applications. Please consult the manual for all of the mounting options available to you.


Low-profile wide range on-wall center
System Type:
3 driver, 2 way
4" AMT folded ribbon
Dual 7" Silver/Graphite, cast frame
Passive Radiator:
Dual 8" mass loaded radiators
Low Freq. Alignment:
B6 assisted
1 pair binding post, recessed cup
Recommended Amplification:
15-250 watts
Freq. Response (Hz):
55 - 28k
4 Ohm
92 dB (2.83 Volts @1m)
Crossover (Hz):
Dimensions (HxWxD, inches):
10.375 x 43.1875 x 5.25
56 lbs each

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