The Music Room sells a wide selection of new high end phono cartridges. Please review the following return policy for the different possible scenarios regarding new stock cartridge returns:


  • In the event of cartridge failure which is believed to be caused by a manufacturing or material defect and the cartridge was purchased within the manufacturer's warranty period, the manufacturer will replace the cartridge under warranty.
  • A factory sealed cartridge may be returned within a 60 day return period. Upon receipt the condition of the seal will be evaluated. If the seal is intact and the condition of the packaging would allow the cartridge to be sellable as "new", the customer will receive a full refund or full exchange value.
  • If a newly purchased cartridge is functional but not satisfactory (within 60 days) please contact with the serial number of the cartridge and the original order number to request return authorization. Upon receipt the cartridge will be evaluated in-house to determine its condition and sellability. If the cartridge is considered to be resellable, the customer may receive a full or partial refund (or exchange value).


Please email with questions or to initiate a Return Authorization.