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Graham Slee Majestic DAC / Preamplifier; D/A Converter (New)

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Product: Graham Slee Majestic DAC / Preamplifier; D/A Converter (New)

Product SKU: 22873

Serial Number: 0201-237

Voltage: 115V

What is Included: 100% complete in factory packaging.

Age: New

Tobacco Exposure: No

Service History: None

MSRP: $2699

Other Notes: This is brand new / unused in complete factory packaging.

"I tried running the CD42 direct into the S/PDIF 192k input. Holy crap what a difference... This was really a 'I can't believe this' moment. The thing sounded like the speakers had been taken out from their hiding place 1m apart on a shelf and set-up 3 m apart on proper stands – I can think of no better description – a system that really serves as background only became analytical and musical in one moment. I'd been using my beloved and modified Micromega Solo as CD player along with the Oppo - both using their on-board DACs. But then I swapped to using the S/PDIF output on both and once again I was simply taken aback by the improvement in sound. DACs make a difference it's true, but I can honestly say that I've never heard one that offers such a shift, and a positive one to any digital source I tried. With both (excellent) sources the sound opened up, the space between notes expanded and a level of detail and ambience - natural, never pushy – flooded out. Doing back-to-back tests with the Audio-Note Zero DAC was very interesting because there was a certain similarity. Both were open and energetic, the Zero majoring on the latter, but the GSP had it beat on sound depth and spacial awareness generally. Bass was similarly handled with the GSP being a little lighter and more defined. The Zero did more wall-of-sound where appropriate, the GSP clearly superior with something like 'Take Five' in both 'space' and the definition of leading edges. The Zero is just a simple DAC – the Majestic a full function multi-source preamp, that they went toe to toe says an awful lot and I have to say that as a DAC alone the Majestic took the contest by a head." - Geoff Husband, TNT-Audio

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