Fujitech A1033 Stereo Tube Integrated Amplifier; MM Phono; Luxman LX33

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Product: Fujitech A1033 Stereo Tube Integrated Amplifier; MM Phono; Luxman LX33

Product SKU: 22848

Voltage: 120V

Cosmetic Description: 7/10 Very good cosmetic condition with some minor visible cosmetic wear including several small hairline scratches and a couple of nicks on the front faceplate, a bent treble adjustment control on the front, a small stain on the "tape-2" button on the front. Also, the top cover has evidence of touch-up paint near the front and in a spot in the back, and it has two "dimples" visible on each side. Lastly, the top cover is slightly bent inward on the right side of the amplifier. These blemishes are not readily visible and do not detract from the overall wonderful appearance.

What is Included: Amplifier, 2 Telefunken EL34 tubes, 1 RCA EL34 tube, 1 unidentified EL34 tube, 1 G.E. 12AU7 tube, 1 Tungsram 6AQ8 tube, 1 unidentified 12AU7 tube, 1 G.E. 12AX7 tube, 1 Sovtek 12AX7 tube, 1 Zenith 12AX7 tube, 1 Telefunken 12AX7 tube

Functional Notes: Operational condition of this item is excellent, fully tested and no issues found.

Age: Unknown

# of Owners: 3

Tobacco Exposure: No

Service History: Recent servicing (December 2018) by Classic Tube Audio. Rebuilt, cleaned and refreshed, Power supply re-capped. Replaced the 6AQ8 tube with a new NOS Tunsgram, replaced two 9-pin tube sockets and had general contact cleaning performed.

Other Notes: Integrated MM phono stage included.

The Fuji Tech A1033 is an OEM version of Luxman's LX33 stereo integrated amplifier, distributed by Luxman in the U.S. for the company Monarchy Engineering, Inc. under the brand Fuji Tech. This model has the OY Series transformers.

Note: The third EL34 tube from the left when facing the unit is missing its center key pin which correctly orients the tube for insertion. Instead, there is a small white mark on the side of the tube which corresponds to the key location. When inserting this tube, make sure to align the white mark with the key slot in the tube socket.

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