Video Spotlight: Audience's AdeptResponse AR6 Power Conditioner

The modern world is awash in high frequency waves. From communications use around the world to the ubiquity of switch-mode power supplies, tons of today’s technology works with or operates in the high frequency spectrum.

What is well known about RF and EM influence on the power supplies of audio equipment is that it’s damaging to the subtle details in well-recorded music when it makes its way into our audio circuitry, cutting the legs off attempts to achieve holographic imaging and a deep soundstage.

Thus, audiophiles have many techniques for shielding against interference, by filtering out the noise and shunting high frequencies away from the components and toward the earth ground.

HiFi audio manufacturers that are passionate about high frequency noise and devoted to eradicating it from stereo systems don’t grow on every tree, so The Music Room is extremely pleased to partner with, and excited to better get to know industry leader Audience AV from California, USA.

In the video below, TMR’s testing technician Duncan Taylor takes an quick, in-depth look at one of Audience’s most popular products: the AdeptResponse AR6 power conditioner.