Unassuming charm

Clean. Musical. Real. Fun. 

Is there more to say? Do you want a preamplifier that adds to the sound, one that makes up for an issue elsewhere in the system?

Or do you have your system dialed in so much, that what you really want is a preamplifier that stays out of the way besides supporting wide bandwidth and big dynamics?

I could see this lovely Vincent preamplifier taking a place on the desk of a mastering engineer. I could see this quietly staying out of the way in a flashy system with beautiful tube amps as the main event.

But the owner of that system would know why the Vincent is there. A very magical, if unassuming piece, this one. The more I listen to my testing setup with this in line, the more I want to listen.

Over time I’ve grown to trust that intuition, and when I feel it, I pull out the notepad and start writing. That’s what caused this blog post — I just quickly fell in love with a foxy preamp named Vincent. And the love seems to get deeper as I type.

Do yourself and your system a favor and have a listen to this gem!