The Love of Used Audio Gear

I didn't get into this business because I thought it would be easy or make me wealthy. After all, used gear can be a real hassle, right? Anyone that has ever bought or sold used electronics over the internet generally has a few horror stories. If you're reading this, I bet you have a few of your own:

Maybe it was that old Pioneer SX-1250 receiver that you bought for your Dad for Father's day, and it arrived with a nasty tobacco odor, missing lamps and noisy, scratchy controls. The seller said it was in "minty" condition - whatever that means. 

Or maybe it was that time that you spent hours researching the best amplifier that would finally tie your whole system together, only to have it arrive in pieces. "I even used extra packing peanuts!" said the unrepentant seller. "it's insured - just file a claim!" he ever so helpfully suggested. What a headache!

Or maybe you never got anything at all... you're one of the unlucky victims that thought you had found a deal, but in the end it was just too good to be true. 

Whatever your story, I've heard it before. In fact, I've probably lived it. 

I won't try to tell you that this business was born overnight. Here at The Music Room, we learned how to get those 100% feedback ratings all over the internet through lots of trial and error - over 20,000 transactions and counting in fact. That's 20,000 items tested, cleaned, photographed, listed and shipped. That's 20,000 customer expectations met. Or sometimes not met. All along the way, we've learned what to look for during testing. We've learned how to package fragile & heavy items so that they make it to your door just like you see in the photographs. We've learned to describe things accurately and to always under-promise and over-deliver. We've also learned that unexpected things can occasionally still happen, and the value of keeping a customer happy is always worth much more than the cost of making things right. 

The Music Room exists to bring the joy and care-free pleasure back to buying and selling high-end used audio equipment. Most importantly, we want to bring the joy back to your music room. It all starts with the gear, but hopefully it ends somewhere so much better. Somewhere only music can take you.

I didn't get into this business because I thought it would be easy. I started this business because I loved listening to music, and I loved hearing all my favorite songs on better and better equipment. Each time hearing something new. Each time re-connecting with my music in a new way. 

Used gear provides that magical, musical experience in a special way. Each piece has history - a story of its own. And when you're ready for a change, it typically still has nearly as much value (sometime more) as when you bought it. Don't get me wrong. I lust have after the latest and greatest shiny, new product just like the next guy. And we carry some great lines that we are passionate about. But used gear is always going to provide the best bang for your buck. If it's value your looking for, and you want to get the maximum amount of performance from your limited budget, then used gear is the way to go. And now that you have discovered The Music Room - a trusted partner - where you can safely and securely buy, sell, trade or consign pre-owned gear, there's simply no reason not to buy used.