The Hifi Podcast: Top 5 Ways You Can Improve Your System

There are times when a stereo hifi system sounds so good, you don’t want to touch a single thing. So perfect, you can’t possibly imagine a further improvement. Ahh who am I kidding?

For an audiophile it can be nearly impossible to avoid thinking about another move, a possible adjustment or a pesky room mode you’ve been meaning to deal with.

In this episode of The Hifi Podcast, Darren and Duncan discuss five ways to improve your system, and this isn’t your typical list of basic recycled audiophile trope. They’re assuming your system already sounds fairly good, and that you’ve put in some serious time already to adjust things to your liking.

From cable management to asymmetric speaker placement, the guys are looking to build on what you’ve done, offering tips you may not have heard before that have proven success in the fine-tuning of a hifi system.

What type of sorbothane works best and how can you use it in a sandwich configuration to get better sound? What role could Mason jars play in a precision audio playback system? How close should you sit to your diffusors? These questions and more are answered as PS Audio engineer Darren Myers and The Music Room tech Duncan Taylor wind their way through their list of the top five ways to improve your system.

Be sure to listen to the end, where the guys also offer up their weekly pick for an audiophile-level album you may not have heard before. This artists’s voice lives dead-center in the mix, which means that besides being a great album full of excellent music, it’s also a great tool for adjusting your speakers for best imaging. But it’s the recording of the instruments that first caught the ears of The Hifi Podcast hosts. Exceptional… have a listen.

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