The Hifi Podcast: "There's No Free Lunch In Audio"

Everywhere you look in the HiFi scene, there are rules and realities that stand immovable. That's always been the case -- you can't design around the laws of physics. Not that that stops clever minded designers from trying.

But as consumers in this hobby, we get that there are limits. Limits, for example, on how much room filling bass can be expected to come out of an open baffle speaker or from a low wattage single ended triode amplifier. Or how cool to expect an amp that's trying to kick tons of Class A wattage to be.

There are also limits to how much time and money can be spent in pursuit of this hobby. So it's imperative to focus efforts and expense on the most important elements in the HiFi system, aiming for an efficient process of refinement.

This week on The HiFi Podcast, hosted by The Music Room testing technician Duncan Taylor and his friend and PS Audio's Senior Analog Engineer Darren Myers, the guys welcome another HiFi industry product designer to the table to discuss the age-old aphorism "there's no free lunch in audio."

Guest host Chris Brunhaver is the Senior Speaker Design Engineer at PS, and brings not only an exciting career of experience to the table, but also a finger on the pulse of the latest and greatest attempts in the industry to circumvent physics and pull off the impossible.

Having two HiFi product designers at the table for this discussion helps cement their unique perspective, that it's hard to design around certain realities, and that sometimes, in audio, you do get what you pay for.

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