The Elegant Mark Levinson No. 585 Stereo Integrated Amplifier

You love the sound of your current audio setup. Imagine what it would be like to add a new component, turn it on, and feel like you've entered an entirely new world of sound. That's what the Mark Levinson No.585 Stereo Amplifier brings to the table. From the day it was released, it has turned heads and dropped jaws among audiophiles. How often can you say that about a piece of audio gear? The No.585 integrated amplifier does this by combining the power of a high-end amp, the delicate finesse of a top-shelf preamp, and a cutting-edge DAC, all in one package that is powerful, versatile, and sleek.

Beneath its elegant exterior, the No.585 is a powerhouse with a heart that pumps out 200 watts per channel. It's enough to enable your speakers to sing, whether you're enjoying the smooth jazz of John Coltrane's Crescent or the ground-shaking bass of an EDM track. Throw in some AC/DC and you'll wonder what the 585 can't handle.

What sets the No.585 apart is its built-in DAC. It's a wizard of the digital world, handling everything from PCM to DSD files. If you're a digital music aficionado, it's a dream come true and one of the best integrated amplifiers. If you're worried about the sonic agony of compressed audio, the No.585 has a cure for that by utilizing HARMAN's Clari-Fi technology, which rebuilds and breathes life into lifeless MP3 files on the fly.

But most of all, the Mark Levinson Amplifier brings joy back to listening. It will have you browsing your music collection to hear your favorite tunes presented in a way that you'll swear you were sitting in the recording studio. It's like having a front-row seat at your favorite band's concert with the added bonus of doing so in your pajamas and the ability to hit pause so you can take a breath and marvel at the fact that the 585 has handed you the ticket to audio nirvana.