High End for a steal

If you’re like me, you’ve got a guy in your audiophile friends club that constantly feeds you recommendations of great recordings. Darren Myers, design engineer at PS Audio and designer of their well-reviewed Stellar M700 amps, is that friend for me.

Yesterday he said I needed to drop everything and take in Charles Lloyd’s latest album, I Long To See You, released in early 2016. My goodness… this is one of those records where you’re sure the engineers got the phase right on everything. Texture abounds, and so does the low end, and particularly, the mid bass region shines on this amazing jazz record.

I listened to it a bit on a pair of YG Acoustics Sonja 1.2 speakers that recently came through for consignment, and while it was exciting, I realized the monoliths probably deserved a bigger amp and a better environment more conducive to serious listening.

That said, when I played the same album on this gorgeous pair of Boston Acoustics M350s, thoughts about listening environment fell away. These three-way ported gems recreated the rubbery touch of the well-recorded upright bass in I Long To See You with enthusiasm and gusto. Time alignment of the drivers is very good, not excellent, but good enough that there’s some magic at play, especially with a recording like this.

Remember, I only talk about items that turn my head here. We listen to everything at The Music Room, and these fall squarely into the categories of “musical” and “fun” for me. Check ‘em out!