Nordost Frey 2 Speaker Cables, Norse Series

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Nordost Frey 2 Speaker Cables Product Description:


Frey 2 is in the middle of Norse 2 Series and features Dual Micro MonoFilament technology


"Cables can be difficult to promote, and so important, but also much misunderstood by civilians and disparaged by cloth-eared audiophiles. I’m not sure even the wonderful Nordost Frey 2 cables could convince them, but for those of us who love hearing what fine cables add to our system, the Frey 2 line from Nordost will be a certain and happy upgrade. Very highly recommended."
- Anthony Kershaw, Audiophilia

Audiophilia STAR Component


Frey 2 tops the Norse 2 Series, retaining the most technology from the upper Valhalla 2 Reference and Odin 2 Supreme Reference lines. The innovative, length-specific “mechanical tuning” paired with its Dual Micro MonoFilament system allows Frey 2 to reproduce the natural beauty and impact of any musical performance.

Nordost's use of heavy silver plating promotes excellent high frequency transmission, and a better cable relationship with the dielectric (cable jacket). This has a bonus of improving cable speed, or "velocity propagation". Ideal wave propagation means all music frequencies travel the same cable distance at the same (and hopefully very high) speed. The realities of cable physics and electricity make perfection impossible, but Nordost's achievement of 96% the speed of light for music frequencies in the Frey 2 is staggeringly good.

In Dual Micro Mono-Filament cables, air is mostly the dielectric, meaning very little energy is absorbed during signal transmission, and nearly none is released afterwards. This makes for a speaker cable that conveys the sheer impact that comes from real instrumental presence, and the color, texture and intimacy that brings a voice or solo instrument to life.



Insulation: Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)

Construction: Mechanically tuned spacing, length and Micro Mono-Filament design

Conductors: 22 x 22 AWG

Material: Silver-plated 99.99999% solid core OFC

Capacitance: 10.3pF/ft

Inductance: 0.135μH/ft

Velocity of Propagation: 96%

Terminations: Gold-plated Spade or Z-plug Banana

  • Comes as a PAIR of cables
  • Fully manufactured and terminated in the USA
  • Shotgun configuration only
  • 22 x 22 AWG silver plated 99.99999% OFC solid core conductors
  • Micro Mono-Filament design
  • 10.3pF/ft capacitance
  • 0.135μH/ft inductance
  • Banana or Spade (6.5mm) termination