Nordost Blue Heaven Speaker Cables; LS Leif Series

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Blue Heaven is the second from the top in the Leif Series
"Blue Heaven projects a much more precise location of floor-to-ceiling imaging." - User Review

Speakers are the true analog converter in a HiFi stereo system, converting electrical energy into physical, acoustical energy. And as the all-important conduit between the amplifier and the final conversion, speaker cables similarly have a demanding job. They must help the speakers present a pleasing load to the amplifier, but they must not burden the speakers. Fighting against physics, they aim for propagation at the speed of light for all frequencies (impossible), while being neither a pickup source for RF nor exhibitor of any resistance.

It’s a tough gig. Tackling each of the above challenges in a new way, Nordost's original Flatline loudspeaker cable introduced the audio world to an entirely new level of performance and a unique production technique. Its thin profile offered unique routing opportunities, while at the same time creating a different relationship with capacitive floors when used on-edge. It caught the audio world by storm.

Decades of improvement and refinement later, this technique is still used in the production of the Blue Heaven speaker cable, and now the Blue Heaven LS (Leif Series) speaker cable — itself a major update over its renowned predecessor. Re-examining the geometry of each cable, Nordost’s engineers reduced dielectric effects even further using measurement-based physical spacing adjustments.

The dielectric (or the jacket, or outer coating of a cable) plays an essential role in the sound qualities and speed capabilities of a wire. Nordost’s proprietary extruded FEP dielectric stores vanishingly little energy as it isolates and mechanically dampens the conductors.

Blue Heaven LS and its thin, flat profile does’t just look different - its deceptive simplicity is a uniquely elegant answer to the conflicting requirements for low resistance, capacitance and inductance that limit the performance of more conventional cable configurations. Let Blue Heaven LS deliver unprecedented dynamic response, phase accuracy and detail to your speakers, and go deeper than ever into your music.


Insulation: Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)
Construction: Mechanically tuned spacing
Conductors: 16 x 26 AWG
Material: Silver-plated 99.9999% solid core OFC
Capacitance: 9.6pF/ft
Inductance: 0.16μH/ft
Velocity of Propagation: 95%
Termination: Gold-plated Spade or Z-plug Banana

• Comes as a PAIR of cables
• Fully manufactured and terminated in the USA
• Shotgun configuration only
• 16 x 26 AWG silver plated 99.9999% OFC solid core conductors
• FEP Insulation
• 9.6pF/ft capacitance
• 0.16μH/ft inductance
• Banana, Spade (6.5mm), or Pin termination