Why Rega?

Over the past 45+ years Rega and its founder Roy Gandy have been pursuing turntable perfection designed and manufactured in Essex England. Roy has been fond of calling turntables vibration measuring machines and has been unyielding in his quest to measure the vibration of a vinyl groove more accurately than anyone in the world. Rega’s passion for and dedication to engineering led to several industry-wide innovations from the glass platter in 1975 to the first one-piece cast tonearm in 1982.

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Rega Reviews:

Rega Planar 6 

"We’re impressed with Rega’s new level of performance. The Planar 6’s balanced, mature presentation is something you’ll appreciate the more you listen to it. So get listening."

-What HiFi

Rega Ania Pro

"With the Ania Pro Rega have delivered a moving coil with many clear strengths and no obvious shortcomings"

-The Ear

Rega Aria

"In terms of dynamic excitement, musical grip, bass “punch” and high frequency transient precision without overly aggressive “etch”, the Aria is price-point winner..."

-Analog Planet


Rega Awards: