authorizedchord.jpgWhy Chord Electronics?

England’s Chord Electronics has been engineering audio innovation for over 30 years. Starting with HiFi amplifiers designed for the BBC, Chord Electronics’ acclaim helped them to find a home in some of the world’s most famous recording studios including Air Studios, Skywalker Sound, and Abbey Road to name a few. 

Many companies make claims about innovation but Chord’s ground-up engineering approach has resulted in patents for proprietary technology that put their HiFi DACs and amplifiers in a class by themselves.   

In recent years Chord’s DAC range from the portable Mojo, to the Hugo TT2, and DAVE have won some of the HiFi Industry’s most prestigious accolades. In fact, they won every DAC award (for DACs over $300) in the What HiFi 2019 awards.

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Staff Experience with Chord Electronics:

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-Joshua Jackson

TMR Owner / CEO


Chord Electronics Reviews:

Chord Hugo TT2 DAC

"Stereo imaging is excellent. This DAC paints an impressively layered and expansive soundstage that locks instruments in place regardless of how complex the music gets."

-What HiFi

Chord M-Scaler Digital Upsampler

"When upsampled to the maximum rate of 705.6kHz or 768kHz, there was now even more image depth, an increased sense of drive, and even more clarity. These improvements were not just audible with the magnificent Magico M2 full-range speakers; I also heard them with the KEF LS50 minimonitors.


Chord Huei Phono Stage

"Would I recommend this Chord Huei to an audiophile looking for a phono stage in this price range? You bet I would. I would also recommend it to an audiophile looking for a phono stage in a price range that is above the Huei's asking price. And not only would I bet that this analog-loving audiophile be happy with choosing this phono stage, they'd end up saving money. And this money could be used to buy more vinyl!"

-Enjoy the Music


 Chord Electronics Awards: