Why Aurender?

Computers were never intended to be part of the HiFi listening experience. Aurender represents the pinnacle of digital listening experiences. Their products are intuitive and stable but most importantly they sound incredible.

As we move into an ever more digital era of HiFi, few companies build products that meet the evolving needs of audiophiles. Aurender’s line of HiFi caching music servers and streamers, along with CD Rippers and their intuitive and award-winning Conductor app provides the perfect solution for the most discerning listeners. Aurender has engineered their products to deliver the highest levels of audio performance without sacrificing the user experience.

Looking for a solution that can handle your CD collection, digital content, and streaming services all seamlessly with a control app that is a joy to use? 

At TMR this is the holy grail of digital listening, and that is why we carry Aurender.


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Staff Experience with Aurender:

"It was around 2013 when I first heard an Aurender, and I’ll never forget it. After that first experience I knew that a new benchmark had been set, and it signified the end of tethering a computer to my HiFi system. Whether you’re looking for a streamer, NAS server, or to centralize all of your digital files to one easy-to-use system, Aurender is undoubtedly the best choice in the audio industry.  It’s no wonder why Aurender servers are used by many exhibitors at high-end audio shows, as their hardware provides the most stable, and best-sounding solution to demonstrate their products.  When you experience what an Aurender can do for your system, you will know that your search for the right digital playback solution is finally over."

-Mike Dean

TMR Sales


Aurender Reviews:


“The fact of the matter is that computers were never designed to play music...Fortunately now there are better alternatives: dedicated music servers that are purpose-built with best-practice audio engineering applied and the benefit to sound quality, ease of use and stability which can easily be determined through listening.”

-Audio Stream


“Aurender’s N100H, like their S10 server I reviewed several years ago, sounds terrific. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a music server that sounds better, and maybe none as good. It stood out for its bass extension and impact, as well as its natural reproduction of midrange detail.”

-Sound Stage HiFi


“Reproducing bass with both punch and texture, underneath delicate and airy high frequencies is par for the course with the A30 in one’s system. The powerful balanced outputs have drive to bypass a preamp, connecting straight to power amplifiers. This enables the elimination of external DACs and cables, and frees up space in one’s rack.”

-Audiophile Style


 Aurender Awards: