SME Model 20/2 Turntable; Series V Tonearm; Lyra Skala MC Cartridge

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Product: SME Model 20/2 Turntable; Series V Tonearm; Lyra Skala MC Cartridge

Product SKU: 32915

Serial Number: 814

Voltage: 120V / 230V

Cosmetic Description: 7/10 Good cosmetic condition with some minor visible cosmetic wear including a couple nicks on top of the record clamp, chips in the paint on the back top corners of the speed controller, two small scratches on the top of the one of the suspension posts, and a small amount of oil on some surfaces under the sub-chassis. This item has some very light wear but still presents like new from your listening position.

What is Included: Turntable, Manual, Platter, Belt, Speed control unit / power supply, Record clamp, Lyra Skala cartridge, Cartridge packaging, Cartridge brush, Lubricating oil syringe, Height setting gauge, Oil filler adapter, Transit screws, DIN to RCA phono cable, Power cable, Factory packaging

Functional Notes: Operational condition of this item is excellent, fully tested and no issues found.

Age: 7 years

# of Owners: 1

Tobacco Exposure: No

Service History: None

Other Notes: "So what does the extra $$$ get you between the tables with the same Dynavector XX2MKII cart? An even more focused, solid image presentation, a smoother, slightly darker sound which is more engaging, emotional response evoking and satisfying to the bone. Bass is stupendous with this table but the Clearaudio was no lightweight either. The transients, attack and decay are more organic and natural sounding, less sharp overall but more real. There is a blacker, deeper and voluminous background that breathes with ambiance and spatial cues, acoustic space reproduction is more defined and easier to "feel". The highs are smooth and perhaps a bit less pronounced/softer but I don't mind this at all.

I'd say this table is a bit less extraverted a bit more ying than yang than Clearaudio but is ultimately more musical while giving up nothing in resolution, transparency, drive, PRAT but it is the kind of table that will not impress as much during a quick audition but instead at a slower and steadier pace make you sit down, shut up, listen and fall in love...." - User Review

Reviews:  User Review

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