B&O Beogram 8002 Turntable; MMC3 Cartridge; Rosewood; AS-IS (Playback Issue)

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Product: B&O Beogram 8002 Turntable; MMC3 Cartridge; Rosewood; AS-IS (Playback Issue)

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Serial Number: 3264009

Cosmetic Description: 8/10 Excellent condition with minimal visible cosmetic wear including a faint scratch and mild scuffs on the dustcover, a residue stain on the brushed aluminum tonearm cover, a slight bulge in the rear plastic panel near the middle, and a faint scuff on the platter.  This item shows some wear consistent with its age but is still presentable

What is Included: Turntable, Manual, Analog audio cable

Functional Notes: The glue attaching the tonearm cover to its hinge has deteriorated, and no longer adheres to the cover to the hinge. Also, the dustcover lift mechanism is slightly bent, and seems to push the back panel out when it is raised. This product is being offered AS-IS for parts / repair only. The turntable lifts up the arm after 3 seconds of music. Also, the tonearm and sensor arm do not move all the way to the edge of a standard LP, and must be moved further manually. We have not attempted to diagnose or repair beyond this.

Age: Unknown

# of Owners: 1

Tobacco Exposure: No

Service History: None

Other Notes: "Beogram 8002 was a 'state-of-the-art- product with a performance capability as near ideal as anyone had up till then devised. The platter was driven not by a conventional motor, but by a unique tangential-drive system that had no moving parts and no physical contact with the turntable.

Beogram 8002 had a computerised control system that made operation so easy that you didn't even have to think about it. Just press PLAY. Machine intelligence identified the size and playing speed of the record. If you wanted to hear the same disc more than once, it was necessary to just press PLAY for each time you want to listen - up to 9 times.

You could scan the arm - inwards or outwards - to any track on the record in fast or slow motion. Manual override buttons were provided for playing non-standard discs and the pause control made it easy to resume play after an interruption." - Beoworld

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Reviews:  Beoworld

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