Harbeth Monitor 30.2 XD Loudspeaker; Pair

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The Harbeth XD Series:

Redefining the art of loudspeaker design.

Harbeth’s now legendary Anniversary series claimed worldwide recognition, including ‘Best Loudspeaker of the Year 2019’. However, true innovators are never satisfied.

Our approach has always been driven by relentless innovation - by questioning what went

before, in order to make things better. This journey of improvement has led to the creation of the new Harbeth Xtended Definition series. Evolved from the success of the Anniversary collection, this new range encompasses greater integration, transparency and musicality in its performance capabilities.

Welcome to Harbeth Xtended Definition.


A speaker for the most critical listener. Bring your music collection back to life in a wide range of domestic listening environments.

The M30.2 is designed for use in a larger space than the P3ESR, and is equally at home on its dedicated stands, studio space or other flat surfaces. The smallest Harbeth to be engineered around the exclusive 200mm Harbeth RADIAL2 TM bass/mid unit, this speaker delivers even better integration, clean uncluttered and powerful low-end, together with smooth detailed highs.
Harbeth’s development has redefined the virtues of a speaker which has won worldwide accolades to a new intensity, allowing rarefied audio transparency to be revealed and ultimately enjoyed.

The M30.2 XD loudspeaker takes the Harbeth tradition of stunning musical involvement to another performance level.


Transducer system: 200mm Harbeth RADIAL™ bass/midrange; 25mm ferr-cooled soft dome tweeter

Frequency response: 50Hz - 20kHz +/-3dB, free-space, grille on, smooth off-axis response

Impedance: 6 ohms, easy to drive

Sensitivity: 85dB/1W/1m

Amplifier suggestion: Works with a wide range of amplifiers - suggested from 25W

Power handling: 150W program

Connectors: Two 4mm gold-plated binding posts

Dimensions: 18" x 10.9" x 10.8"

Space needs: Overall response optimized for use away from walls.

Stands: Optimally to bring ears level with tweeters. (Tweeter: 12.5" up from cabinet base)

Weight:  25.5 lbs each without packing

Packing: Single speaker per protective carton