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Clever Clamp:
In production since the 1980s, the Clever Clamp was designed by Lou Souther. An ingenious record clamping solution, it is very light but tightly clamps the vinyl LP to the platter. Compatible with all turntables, it is ideal for low mass turntables with thin platters using felt, rubber, or cork mats.

Concept Clamp:
Using a record clamp is especially important with the POM platter featured on the Concept and all Clearaudio turntables.
The Concept Clamp is a black aluminum record weight finished with a silver rim. On the bottom of the clamp is a Teflon spindle insert for better coupling and dynamics. With a weight of 215 grams, height of 20 mm, and diameter of 75 mm, it provides the best possible coupling between the record and platter and is easy to use.

Twister Clamp:
The Twister is one of our most popular record clamps. It's body is machined from polyoxymethylene (POM), the same material as the platter, with a stainless steel twist-lock knob. A twist of the knob draws the clamp down on the spindle to increase contact between the record and platter.

Quadro Clamp:
The Quadro Clamp is a high-mass record weight that increases the surface contact between the record and the platter.
Machined from stainless steel and bead-blasted for a satin finish, the Quadro Clamp features a Teflon spindle insert for energy control. Its appearance and functionality will compliment any high quality turntable.

Quadro Low Clamp:
The Quadro Low is designed for linear tracking tonearms and works on all turntables.
The shorter version of the Clearaudio Quadro Clamp, the Quadro Low is designed to provide clearance for our TT-5 linear tracking tonearm. This bead-blasted stainless steel record weight features a Teflon spindle insert and increases the surface contact between the record and the platter. Its low profile design looks good on all record players and is especially well suited for suspended chassis turntables.

Innovation Clamp:
The Innovation clamp optimizes the sound of your Clearaudio turntable.
Using a record clamp allows you to couple the LP to the non-resonant platter, damping spurious energy for enhanced clarity and dynamics. A well-desgned clamp enhances this effect through its materials and construction.
Specially developed for the Innovation series of turntables, the Innovation clamp uses metal, wood, teflon spindle interace, and mutliple mechanical grounding system. It is suitable for use with the TT1-MI tangential tonearm.

Statement Clamp:
The Statement Clamp is our most advanced model featuring a unique anti-resonance mechanical grounding system. Originally developed for our flagship Statement turntable, it furthers the sonic performance of our Ovation, Innovation and Master Innovation models.
The massive Statement Clamp employs a combination of resonance-fighting Panzerholz (bulletproof wood) or Ebony, precision-machined stainless steel and low-friction teflon. Our unique mechanical grounding system is comprised of separate energy paths to each layer of material, controlling resonance for increased dynamics and clarity.