Audioquest Sydney Interconnect Cables; Pair

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Sydney's connectors are made from high-purity "Purple Copper," which outperforms more common connector materials where it counts — in the listening room. They're also cold-welded, rather than soldered, which eliminates a common source of distortion found in many other audio cables. A direct silver-plating process further enhances signal transfer, for even better clarity.


  • stereo cable with dual RCA connectors at each end
  • solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ (PSC+) conductors for super-clean, transparent sound
  • Polyethylene Air-Tube insulation lowers distortion for less of the "out-of-focus" effect common to other insulation materials
  • carbon-based, 3-layer NDS (Noise Dissipation System) shields against RF interference
  • double-balanced asymmetrical cable geometry separates the ground and shield for quieter performance
  • dark gray and black braided jacket
  • cold-welded, direct silver-plated pure "Purple Copper" RCA plugs feature a solder-less design for lower distortion