Ypsilon PST-100 Mk2 Stereo Tube Preamplifier; PST100 Mk.II

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Product: Ypsilon PST-100 Mk2 Stereo Tube Preamplifier; PST100 Mk.II

Product SKU: 26283

Serial Number: 059105

Voltage: 110V

Cosmetic Description: 8/10 Excellent condition with minimal visible cosmetic wear including a few very small nicks on the heatsinks, left edge of the faceplate, and under the display. Otherwise there is a faint scratch and rub mark on the top cover.  These blemishes are not readily visible and do not detract from the overall wonderful appearance.

What is Included: Preamplifier, One Mullard EZ81 tube, Two Siemens C3m tubes (installed), Two unused spare Siemens C3m tubes, Remote, Power cable, Factory shipping case

Functional Notes: Operational condition of this item is excellent, fully tested and no issues found.

Age: 3 years

# of Owners: 2

Tobacco Exposure: No

Service History: None

MSRP: $37000

Other Notes: "Looking for a rich, full, resonant sound, as opposed to a focused, analytic one? Look no further. "Man, what a natural, refined sound!" was the panel's enthusiastic verdict on the Ypsilon PST 100 Mk II Preamp.

This design extracts the maximum benefits from its step-up and tube-hybrid topology and has that rare ability to convey humans upon the stage. While "musical colorations" are present—no one would dispute that—they are minor in degree and don't get in the way. Instead, they add just the right amount of creature comfort, stuff that was missed when I swapped in alternate preamps .

The PST 100 is also excellent on the objectivist side of the ledger in terms of dynamics, resolution, frequency linearity, low noise, etc.

Here's the scoop: For those who are looking for a little bit of creature friendliness served up along with excellent grades on the audio scorecard, you'd be hard pressed to find better than the PST 100 Mk II at any price." - Marshall Nack, Positive-Feedback

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Reviews:  Stereophile

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