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PS Audio Stellar P3 Power Plant; P3; New w/ Full Warranty

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Product: PS Audio Stellar P3 Power Plant; P3; New w/ Full Warranty (free shipping)

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What is Included: 100% complete in sealed factory packaging.

Age: New

Other Notes: Providing 300 watts of continuous power output and peaks of 900 watts, the P3 is the perfect companion for source gear and systems running high efficiency Class D amps like the Stellar M700 monoblocks. Designed with elegant simplicity in mind, the P3 is a plug-and-play device that will provide you with perfect power without any fuss.

Power Plants are regarded for their ability to reduce noise and THD to virtually zero and providing rock steady voltage output. Traditional power conditioners can only affect a portion of incoming noise and are unable to compensate for over or under voltage. Furthermore, power conditioners raise the impedance of the power going to your system, which can bleach your sound and drain away dynamics. The P3 is completely different in its approach. Through the P3's active regeneration process, it is able to provide perfect power while also lowering the impedance, increasing the dynamics and openness of your system.

Best of all, the P3 features overbuilt surge and spike protection, meaning you can rest easy knowing your system is safe. Don’t starve your music or risk damaging your equipment. A P3 gives you greatly improved performance and safety from just plugging into the wall socket and far better dynamics and a much bigger, more open soundstage than any passive power conditioner on the market.

Features: Pure regenerated AC plus clean, protected power for whole systems
300 VA continuous output
15 amp filtered bypass outputs
1000 VA peak output
100% linearly regenerated AC
85% efficiency for cool operation
3 Power Port classic AC output receptacles
Compact Stellar chassis
Remote control
15 amp IEC input
Surge and spike protection

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