Wyred4Sound DAC 2v2 SE 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

This DAC made my head turn this morning the second I hit play over USB. Perhaps I haven’t spent enough time with the new ESS 9038PRO DAC chip, but the depth of the bass at even first listen is impressive to say the least.

This converter seems to plumb the depths of the first few tracks I’m playing for it, just making my eyes pop with the effortlessness of the bottom octave.

Now, don’t get me wrong — this isn’t a bass-heavy sounding DAC, and the bass doesn’t sound lifted in amplitude per se. Instead, there’s a solidity to the bottom of the bass scales that is just there, happily bouncing along with the rest of the spectrum.

This is like one of those 6’9”, 250 lb tight ends in the NFL that can run like a deer.

After my low frequency love affair honeymoon phase waned, I realized this is a very natural, very musical and actually kind of fun sonic presentation from this DAC.

One of the best I’ve heard, which is saying something. Wyred4Sound have a hit on their hands with the 10th Anniversary Limited Edition model. Highly recommended.