Simply stunning

Wouldn’t you like a pair of YG Acoustics Sonja 1.2s at your desk for mild office listening? Strange concept, I know, but welcome to my world. I must say they are surprisingly excellent in the nearfield.

Well, as ridiculous as that idea may be, that’s today for me at my job as a tester and technician at The Music Room.

Set up quickly and unscientifically in front of my test bench, the imaging from these is some of the best I’ve heard.

Initially I just hooked up the main modules — an MTM affair of all YG-proprietary drivers. A half-second after I hit “play,” I was reminded of the same thought I had when a recent pair of Magicos came through for testing. Timing was evidently paramount in these speakers’ design. And as I read through YG’s literature about the Sonja, I see that it certainly was a design goal, along with frequency honesty.

YG have created in my opinion a speaker that instantly reminds you of the serious investment you made when you see, feel and hear these 300lb audio monoliths. And in case you’re wondering, the reminder is a happy one - not the mechanic bills for the Rolls, but instead the gleaming sight of it freshly cleaned in the driveway.

I’m only blogging here about items that really make my head turn, and not from visual cues, by the way. Visually, these speakers are impressive and at this point in YG’s run, the silhouette is iconic. No question there. But to make this blog, a product has to have elements that are truly “right.” The YGs impress at first listen, and imaging is their best feature, IMO.