Little Dot 1+ Tube Headphone Amplifier

Smart guys in this audio playback craft tell us that money is best spent first on speakers, as speakers have the potential for adding the most distortion to the eventual sound. 

Keep talking to those smart guys and they’ll go on to say that a great speaker is one thing, but the speaker choice must go hand in hand with treatment of the room, and with correct placement of the speakers.

A nice “gumbo of interactive trade-offs,” of which our zany hobby has many.

But how smart is it to spend so much time and money on excellent speakers and room treatments, when the personal audio market is literally brimming with cheap products that sound great. Think of all of the new gadgets Schiit produced in the last 8 years, just to take one company.

Today a plucky little tube headphone amplifier came across my desk, and since it sounds fantastic I thought I’d write about it.

The Little Dot 1+ is a low priced, simple headphone amplifier featuring 6JI tubes on the input and transistors on the output.

The manufacturer recommends using it with low impedance headphones, so I pulled out my trusty Koss Porta Pros and I must say the combination is exceptional.

There’s a little bit of serious magic here. For a complete personal playback system at or under $200, I haven’t heard better.

Snap up this little gem and don’t think twice!