First Impressions: Comparing REL T/9x vs. REL T/9i Subwoofers

Following our recent announcement of REL Acoustics' revamped T Series of subwoofers, we wanted to spend time with the new designs and get to know the new features and where they beat the previous T Series subwoofers from REL. Beginning with the REL T/9x, the largest in the company's most popular line, we wanted to know how it stacks up against the old guard.

Our own testing technician Duncan Taylor is no stranger to the REL T/i series, having owned a pair of T/9i subwoofers in his home system for years.

More than just his personal experience Duncan has tested countless subwoofers including almost every REL subwoofer model over the years in the testing department here at The Music Room. If you mosey over to REL Acoustics' website and click on the "Articles" section, you can find a number of his columns about subwoofers and the bottom octaves therein.

We thought his perspective would be useful in comparing the the new REL T/9x subwoofer to its older counterpart. From the physical and build differences in the REL T/9x to a direct musical comparison, watch the full video for his thoughts. 

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