dB Audio Labs Tranquility USB DAC Signature Edition

Holy moly, this thing has a relaxing presentation. Not relaxed, mind you — relaxing. Incredibly detailed, and the soundstage really brings me into this tiny little DAC’s universe. I can turn up the volume and be further and further immersed in the music, with no fatigue whatsoever.

I read on a Darko review (https://bit.ly/2FUGcff) that the theory behind creating a DAC with only USB input is based on the premise that a DAC without S/PDIF inputs sounds better than one with all types of digital input.

Whatever the case, I’ll say that as a professed USB-disliker (I’m a huge fan of DNLA streaming), I very much like the way this sounds through USB.

At TMR, our test stations are outfitted with PS Audio Stellar components, and comparing it against the Gain Cell DAC, I get less congested middle of the spectrum and a slightly more organic, natural feel in the dB Audio Labs, with no details lost.

I’m sad to put this DAC into inventory, which is a good sign. Snap this little gem up if you’re in the market!