Audio church

We’re lucky to live and work where we do along the eastern side of Colorado’s “Front Range.” Besides the adventure opportunities, there’s also more for an audiophile to do here than in most places around the country.

We’ve got a highly competitive acoustic music scene, exquisite performance halls and unique venues, and above all, many high end audio manufacturers which call this area home.

It’s nice, for example, to have a neighborly relationship with PS Audio, as we’re one of the most active dealers for the red hot brand. With our proximity and history, we probably know the ins and outs of PS products better than anyone. And if we’re stumped on something, the happy folks down the road gladly lend advice.

Likewise, as PS grows into its new, massive headquarters, we’re helping them tidy up. If you love PS gear but haven’t been able to quite swing the price tags, keep a sharp eye on our website over the next month — we’ve got a big stack of earlier generation DACs, head amps and phono stages about to be rolled out.

Here’s one of the first items, a sweet little GCHA headphone amplifier. It uses the same “gain cells” used in PS’ current Stellar line, and it’s a product that we rarely see on the second hand market as it’s an older fan favorite from the brand.

Anyway, this time of year, our location in the epicenter of high end audio manufacture in America is magnified. Manufacturers, consumers and press members from all over the world descend on Denver this weekend to attend the massive, annual Rocky Mountain Audio Festival.

As someone with a little experience with religion, the audiophile trade shows always strike me as “audio church.” The purpose of going to church for most religious people is twofold. There is the community aspect — the human nature in us desiring to connect with folks who see things the same way; and there’s the act of quietly listening and learning.

Tell me a hifi show isn’t that for audiophiles. This year I am looking forward to getting my learn on in a serious way. Since I’m not running a room or a demo system this year (which is fun, but not as fun as attending), I’ve got all the lectures I want to attend highlighted, and alarms are set. Ditto for the musical performances — I’m not missing the good stuff this year.

If you’re lucky enough to be within reach of an audio festival like this one (with major shows in California, Chicago, Denver and the East Coast, that means pretty much all of you), you gotta go do it.

Hobnobbing with sympaticos is good for the audio soul. Pulling up a chair and soaking up knowledge from the greatest minds is a feast for the audio brain. And closing one’s eyes in hushed meditation before an exquisite system is the ultimate prescription for audiophile wellbeing.

Go forth, get off your tush and attend your audio church! And if you’re in Denver this weekend, say hi to the PS folks and look for our TMR name tags. Let us commune together.