Audioquest Cherry Cola 48 Active Optical HDMI Cable

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Audioquest Cherry Cola 48 Active Optical HDMI Cable

The Cherry Cola Hybrid Active Optical Cable (HAOC) uses a new, highly advanced electro-optical conversion module with four fiberglass optical conductors to reliably carry 18Gbps data packets, including 4K Ultra HD and HDR , for distances up to 30m. AudioQuest's sophisticated noise-dissipation system combines RF noise-absorbing carbon and directionally controlled silver-plated drain conductors to minimize distortion caused by RF interference, ensuring a fully immersive entertainment experience. Additionally, for applications that require slow burning characteristics, Cherry Cola uses a plenum duct.
AudioQuest's 18Gbps high-speed HDMI cables have the bandwidth to support video up to 8K/30 (8-bit, 4:2:0), or 7680 x 4320 resolution (over 33 million pixels ) at 30 frames per second (fps). 24 and 30 frames per second are the frame rates of almost all movies and many TV shows.
All of AudioQuest's 18Gbps high-speed HDMI cables guarantee the 18Gbps bandwidth required for engaging features like 8K/30 video, High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging, and enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC).
Level 4+ Noise Dissipation (HDMI): Carbon + Galvanic Isolation + Direction-Controlled
Traditional “100% shielding” is not enough to guard against the increasingly prevalent effects of Wi-Fi, cellular, and satellite radiation. In AudioQuest HDMI cables, all 19 conductors are Direction-Controlled to minimize the RF Noise that damages performance by “directing” or draining it away from the most vulnerable circuits. Level 4 Noise-Dissipation features fibers, which are non-conductive and therefore immune to induced RF noise, while the eARC and control conductors are made of direction-controlled metals. In Level 4+ Noise-Dissipation, a layer of carbon is added to the metal conductors. Additional Noise-Dissipation techniques (Levels 5 and up) are applied as budget permits to further reduce noise.
AudioQuest's 18 Gbps High Speed ‚Äã‚ÄãHDMI Cables support High Dynamic Range (HDR) and HDR Dynamic Range. HDR content increases image contrast for blacker blacks and brighter whites, as well as greater color saturation and brightness. Dynamic HDR (HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision for example) allows for frame-by-frame HDR optimization rather than HDR settings that are fixed for the entire program.
Limited Lifetime Warranty
AudioQuest's HDMI cables are precision-engineered to ensure a high level of reliability and are backed by a limited, non-transferable lifetime warranty. Original proof of purchase is required; other restrictions apply.