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Synergistic Research Tesla Apex XLR Cables; 3ft Pair Balanced Interconnects; MPC

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Product: Synergistic Research Tesla Apex XLR Cables; 3ft Pair Balanced Interconnects; MPC

Product SKU: 27333

Length / Termination: 3 Feet / XLR

Serial Number: TAPIC0142

Voltage: 120V

Cosmetic Description: 8/10 Excellent condition with minimal visible cosmetic wear including some light wear on the termination jackets. This item looks like new from just a few feet away. You'll have to examine very closely to find any signs of wear.

What is Included: Pair of cables, MPC (Mini Power Coupler), Manual, Factory packaging

Functional Notes: Operational condition of this item is excellent, fully tested and no issues found.

Age: Circa 2009

# of Owners: 1

Tobacco Exposure: No

Service History: None

MSRP: $4000

Other Notes: "Synergistic’s entire Tesla line of interconnects and speaker cables combines three technologies -- Tesla Tricon cable geometry, Zero Capacitance Active Shielding, and a conditioning process called Quantum Tunneling (patent pending) -- all purportedly based on the work of Nikola Tesla. Quantum Tunneling involves sending through the cables 2 million volts at a specific pulse modulation ultrahigh frequency for a certain amount of time -- and, obviously, at quite low amperage. This process reportedly derives from Tesla’s experiments with the Tesla coil. Like the Synergistic Research power cables in my system, the new Tesla Apexes include what Synergistic calls Zero Capacitance Active Shielding circuitry, which puts a direct-current charge on the shield at zero capacitance to prevent interference from external radio and other electromagnetic signals."

"What I found was a radical concept that suggested a cable could be designed that would function as an electromagnetic "lens" to concentrate fluctuating alternating current and its subsequent electromagnetic fields for perfect transfer without distortion or loss of signal. Just as a lens focuses light by concentrating or dispersing rays of light, this new geometry, if it could be developed, would concentrate and focus the sonic signal not by separating conductors, but by strategically aligning conductors in a symmetrical geometry that manages electromagnetic fields as a lens precisely focuses light."

"Apex has always seemed the most balanced of Synergistic cabling and that’s saying a lot for a wire company that has always embraced strict midrange values first and steered clear of phony tonal balances meant to hook the unwary novice listener. Not cheap but to these ears more of a value than ever before."

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Reviews:  Soundstage Ultra
The Absolute Sound

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