Aesthetix IO Eclipse Phono Preamplifier w/ Volume Option; Silver


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Product: Aesthetix IO Eclipse Phono Preamplifier w/ Volume Option; Silver

Product SKU: 3647J

Serial Number: 1616

Voltage: 117V

Cosmetic Description: 8/10 Excellent condition with minimal visible cosmetic wear including a few miniscule nicks and a small blemish under the 'A' logo on the power supply. The power supply shows barely perceptible scratches on the top towards the back. This item looks like new from just a few feet away. You'll have to examine very closely to find any signs of wear.

What is Included: Preamplifier, Power Supply, 4 JJ Electronic ECC83S Tubes, 4 Telefunken 12AX7 Tubes, 2 Zenith 6SN7 Tubes, 4 CEI 12AX7A Tubes, 2 Sovtek 6922 Tubes, 2 Electro-Harmonix EL34 Tubes, 6 Tung-Sol 12AX7 Tubes, 2 Power Umbilicals, Power Cable, Factory Packaging

Functional Notes: Operational condition of this item is excellent‚ fully tested and no issues found.

Age: Unknown

# of Owners: 1

MSRP: $18,500

Other Notes: "Io is an all-tube phono stage suitable for the most demanding cartridges including low-output moving coils. A proprietary differential circuitry design achieves high gain with extremely low noise. A separate power supply chassis removes any possibility of transformer noise corrupting delicate audio circuitry. Peter Moncrief Stealth Capacitors are used in the Eclipse Edition for unparalleled sound quality. An optional innovative mechanically-switched discrete resistor volume control yields precise resolution at all listening levels."



Reviews: What HiFi?

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